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Take what you need...

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How to take short but effective breaks

Working from home in this intense time can be a quite taxing and overwhelming. So, naturally, more breaks are needed during the day to create balance and make sure you maintain your energy levels.

- Be sure to take breaks every hour. This will allow you to maintain your energy and concentration levels.

- Create a distraction within your break. It can be hard to switch off so creating a little distraction whilst on your break can help you to focus better. Play a game, read a book, listen to some music - just do something else for a little while to keep your mind fresh.

- Go outside! Sitting inside all day may be necessary for your work and given the current circumstances but make time to go outdoors - even if it is just in your garden to get some fresh air, much needed natural light and some exercise.

- Give yourself the right fuel. We get hungry and the snack draw looks more than appealing. Be sure to give yourself the right food to help your energy levels stay high.

- Exercise your eyes. Take the burden of staring at your computer screen from your eyes and take a vision break. Every 20 minutes, look away from your computer and focus on an item for at least 20 seconds.

- Sit and let your mind wonder. We spend so much time focusing on emails, projects and other forms of work but when do we allow our mind to just rest and wonder? Allow your mind to drift and take a break too.

Take a break - you work hard - you deserve it.

Take the time to sleep

Benefits of a good sleep:

Improves your attention and concentration

Allows your brain to function, learn and make memories

Helps you maintain a healthy weight

Keeps your heart healthy

Keeps your immune system strong

Helps you to keep on top of your emotional wellbeing

And on top of your mental health

And your physical health

Reduces your stress levels

Helps you to maintain good relationships with others

Keeps your energy levels high

Don't cut your sleep short!

Hunt for Sunshine

We all need sunshine to help or mind and body to fully wake up and get into gear. Thanks to our circadian rhythm, a lack of sunlight can make us feel sluggish and tired.

Sunlight can be hard to come by during these dark winter months, particularly if you are working long hours inside. However, take advantage of your breaks to get as much sunlight as you can, move your desk closer to windows to soak in the winter sunshine and you can even get SAD lamps for those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Keep hunting for that sunshine!


It's now the end of the year - and what a year it has been for us all! - What were your highlights for this year? What could you have done better? What lessons have you learned that you can apply to next year?

Want to know why self reflection is important as well as a full list of reflective questions you can ask yourself? Take a look at my post: https://bit.ly/3aSf9PS

Power Pose

Need a little confidence boost? Try Power posing. Stand up straight, puff out your chest and put your hands on your hips, take up as much space as you need. You will automatically feel more confident as a result.

Keep your body moisturised

As the days are getting colder, your skin is getting drier. Nourish your skin across your whole body by keeping it moisturised on a daily basis.

Yes, it will take a little more time and a little more energy but it will leave you and your skin feeling healthier, brighter and softer. The feeling is truly worth it.

Just Breathe

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Just breathe to help yourself feel better...Taking deep breaths (breathing in and breathing out consciously) can help you in the following ways:

- Decreases stress and increases your calm feelings by slowing down your heart rate and in turn helping your brain to relax.

- Relieves pain by triggering a rush of endorphins which release "feel good" feelings.

- Detoxifies the body by releasing carbon monoxide.

- Improves immunity as you are essentially cleaning the blood by increasing the amount of oxygen within it.

- Increases energy levels by increasing your oxygen levels.

- Lowers blood pressure as the heart rate slows and your muscles begin to relax

- Improves digestion as you have a healthier blood flow.

- Helps support correct posture as you lengthen and straighten your spine whilst you breathe.

Relax, unwind and just breathe.

Things to remember in Lockdown

- Hunt for Joy - it's the little things that make you smile that make all the difference.

- Plan little things/projects to do - if you are feeling stuck right now, it is a great way to feel a great sense of achievement, a feeling of control and feel like you are moving forward in some way.

- Create something to look forward to - little occasions, celebrations, conversations and games with others or on your own - this gives you something to be excited about.

- Lift your mood by playing uplifting music, watching or listening to something light hearted or just doing something fun.

- Treat yourself and show yourself compassion. Be gentle with yourself, this is a difficult time, you are not going to feel or do things as you want to all the time. Give yourself a break and treat yourself.

- Manage your emotions. Understand how you feel and why you feel this way, accept them and then let them go.

- Remember to have fun. Things have been pretty serious recently, have a little fun to take the edge off.

- Be healthy (eg eat, drink, habits) - bad habits can easily slip into our daily lives if our routines are broken - stay strong!

- Be social - keep talking to people, keep connected to be better balanced, positive and feel loved.

- Exercise - Walk, run, cycle, yoga, push ups, do what you can to stay active.

- Mindfulness - keep your mind healthy, meditate or at least take a break from your head if you need it, create some space.

- Schedule worry time - it is unhealthy and a waste of time and energy if you keep worrying. Schedule a half hour on an evening to worry about everything you want to worry about and then move on. If you feel like there is something you want to worry about outside of this time, make a note and then worry about it in your worry session.

- Find time to relax - enough said!

- Turn off your screens! - Take a break from your screens and social media. Do something else for a while.

- Find a hobby - get crafting, do something you love which will bring you a little joy within your day.

And finally...Remember, we can do this.

Make a proper meal just for yourself

We tend to slave away in the kitchen for other people, whether it be for your family on a daily basis, for small get togethers with family and friends or large dinner parties! But how many of us actually put that amount of love and effort into making a meal for ourselves?

Go ahead - make a lovely meal just for you with all your favourites and see how amazing you feel after - you can thank me later!

Create a scrapbook of covid-19

Another tip from Gretchen Rubin. This period in our lives has been stressful, uncertain and negative to say the least. However, it has been a major event in recent history – one that we have lived through and survived! So why not memorialise it?

Get a scrap book, some pens and decoration and get together all the little Covid 19 bits and pieces - letters, articles, pictures and write about what it is like right now, how you are feeling and what you are going through. Not only will it be therapeutic but also it will serve as a reminder for not only yourself but for generations to come.

Hunt for Joy!

Everyday life can be made happier by adding little moments of joy. What brings you joy?

I find my joy in music, comedy and relaxation so I hunt for times within the day when I can include these moments in my day. I listen to music in the morning to begin my day, I listen to funny audio books or podcasts throughout my day to keep me smiling and I take the time to unwind in the evening to truly relax and be calm.

Hunt for joy to make your everyday a little lighter and a little happier.

Everything new is a learning curve

For those of use who are doing something new - whether it be starting a new job, a new qualification or indeed a new business (like me!), remember to give compassion to yourself

Doing something new is hard, it is challenging, draining and sometimes it can feel like you have hit a brick wall. Your insecurities make themselves known and you start to question yourself and your abilities and you may begin to feel like quitting

Remember that doing these things are hard but this makes you brave, strong and capable for just beginning and following through!

Remember how far you have come and how good you'll feel once you have hit your goal. It hurts when we do something new, but these are just growing pains, you can get through it!

Make a list for little achievements

Although we are currently getting back into the swing of things, there is still a lot of uncertainty. This has led to us not being able to fulfil certain things that we wanted to do this year nor have much in the diary to look forward to.

To create little moments of joy within your daily life at this time, try making a list of the little short term goals that you want to accomplish - whether it be within the day, the week, the month. This will help give you some direction, a sense of regular achievement and a greater sense of happiness in your every day.

Eat a variety of different foods

Our bodies need more than 40 different nutrients and no single food can provide them all. A balanced diet ensures that we get the nutrients are bodies needs to be able to function at our optimum level.

What is a habit?

A habit is a pattern of behaviour which is consistently repeated over a period of time.

How do habits work?

There is first a trigger - which can be a time of day, a location, an emotional state, a belief, a thought or another's habit or behaviour.

The habit is the routine response to the trigger and usually there is some kind of reward or payoff at the end. So for example, I have had an overwhelming day at work and I feel stressed (trigger), so I come home, pour myself a glass of wine (habit) to chill out and unwind from the day (reward). Or, I wake up in the morning (trigger), I put on my guided meditation (habit) and I feel focused and ready for the day (reward).

So, how do you change a habit?

If you want to change a habit that no longer benefits you, you can follow these steps:

1. Identify the habit you want to change

2. Understand what the trigger for the habit is

3. What is your routine response to this trigger?

4. What is your reward/payoff for the habit?

5. Consciously work to change/replace this habit with what you want to do instead.

For example, instead of me coming home after a stressful day and pouring a glass of wine, I now have a nice cup of chamomile, honey and lemon tea which is a much nicer and healthier way to unwind

It is difficult to make changes and it can take between 21- 60 days to adopt a new habit, depending on what habits you choose, so it will be a hard task and you will need lots of discipline! But, stick with it, be kind to yourself and make small and easy changes at first.

Choose the bigger life

We all have aspirations, goals - centred around our careers, our lifestyle, our well-being and our family which are all in line with our individual belief system.

We face decisions, based on these aspirations, every single day. Tiny decisions like what to do during the day, what tasks to complete, what to eat, what to feed the kids, what to drink, what to watch on TV or what book to read and the list goes on and on.

Everything we do throughout our daily lives is a decision that we actively make. Some days we make great decisions, we are productive, we are motivated, full of energy and then some days we just cannot be bothered - which is when we start making these bad decisions.Where we start choosing junk food over a nice healthy meal and where we pass on our exercise routine in favour of lounging on the sofa watching rubbish TV.

A healthy lifestyle can take up a lot of energy and a day in the office can be stressful so yes, take the time to have a break and give yourself permission to make a few bad decisions but ensure that you get back on track and start making your good decisions again.

When you feel like you have maybe you have made a few too many bad decisions and you don't know how to get yourself back on track, think to yourself - what outcome would give the bigger life? - and go with that choice.

What would the bigger life look like to you?

Create a theme for the rest of the year

Although it may feel like 2020 is a write off, this does not need to be the case. The year is not over yet - there are plenty of things you can still achieve over the next 4 and a half months!

Why not create a one word theme for the rest of the year to give you and the next few months a focus. Themes could centre around an activity, an emotion, an achievement or anything else you want to set your mind to.

My theme for the rest of 2020 is "Growth" as I would like to spend time growing as a person, growing my skills and abilities but also grow BlissBox so more of you lovely ladies feel the benefits of self-care.

Stay in touch with loved ones

We have entered into a new normal, getting used to life as it is and slipping into our new routines. When we first entered lock-down, we made an effort to chat to loved ones on a regular basis. Whether by regular check ins, zoom calls or great family quizzes to keep us occupied but also stay in touch with the people around us.

It is usual, as we get back into the swing of things, that we contact our friends and family less and less - life just carries on. Wouldn't it be great, though, if we kept in regular contact with those we love - continue to talk regularly, do video chats with each other and keep up games nights?

This helps us to communicate better with others, build stronger relationships and continue to socialise. Keep talking!

Set positive affirmations on your phone

I recently downloaded the I Am app (not an advertisement) which is an app that gives you daily affirmation reminders on your phone under various themes.

These affirmations appear on your phone at selected times of the day to help rewire the brain to build self esteem, empower you and change negative thought patterns.

This has been a great way to build in a lot of positivity into my daily life in quick, simple and easy way and I found that it is a great way to begin and stick to new healthy habits!

Here is where you can download the app: https://apple.co/3gRaDRQ

Where do you feel more relaxed...At home or away?

Do you feel relaxed and renewed after a bit of chill out time at home but don't feel like you have rested at all when you return home from a holiday? You are more than likely someone who feels more relaxed at home after a little break.

If, however, you are like me, and you feel like you cannot relax at home but when you take yourself away for a little cheeky weekend away you are completely zen, then you are more than likely someone who catches a break away from home.

Knowing this about yourself can help you get the time out that you need - whether this be lounging on your sofa for a little while or lounging on a sofa somewhere else!

Know yourself better to give yourself what you need when you need it.

Say No!

If you are a people pleaser, like me , this is a reminder that it is OK to say no to others and yes to yourself. Only do what YOU can do, what YOU feel comfortable doing and NOT what others expect you to do.

Easier said than done (I know!) but to live the life YOU want to live and create YOUR own happiness, boundaries and expressing what you will and will not do will make a big difference

Have fun, lots of it

Did you know that simply having fun has the following benefits?

Reduces stress

Increases serotonin levels

Improves your ability to cope with difficult situations

Boosts your energy levels

Better memory and concentration on tasks

Better connections with others

Sounder sleep

Creates positive patterns

Whatever fun means to you - do it!

Create a happier, joyous life by simply doing something you enjoy

How do you feel stress?

Do you feel stress in the body or in the mind? Do you get racing thoughts, overthink and get anxiety when you are stressed out or do you feel it physically by a racing heart, a headache or other pains such as stomach cramps and pelvic pain?

Bringing awareness within yourself can help you manage stress by recognising the signs so you can apply strategies that work for you to help keep calm and step away from that which is stressing you out.

Some tips to reduce stress:

Do something to bring you back into the present moment (meditation or a focused activity)

Take a walk - exercise really helps to release those pent up emotions and releasing feel good hormones to balance the stress you feel

Talk to someone (a loved one or a professional)

Pamper yourself - take a bath or have a little solo spa to relax, unwind and melt away your troubles

Cuddle something soft (blanket, jumper, pet, pillow).

Check in with your body

Most of us know that we need to treat our bodies with love care and respect. But, truthfully, how many of us actually do that?

In this post, I want to cover why it is important to take care of our physical health.

It gives you more energy which help us to focus and accomplish our goals. We know that regulating what we pump into our bodies and giving our bodies the nutrients and fuel that it needs can have great long lasting results. But also, taking the time to manage our stress levels, knowing when to rest and keeping in tune with what our bodies need on a regular basis is just as important and will add to these results. Making sure that we look after the body and giving it what it needs will make sure that we have the right amount of energy to be able to live the life we want.

It gives us greater pride in ourselves When you look after your body, your self confidence will rise, as well as your self respect and our self value. Simply caring for our bodies in a balanced, moderate way will boost your happiness and your self belief

Healthy bodies contribute to healthy minds and emotions . How we feel physically can have a bit impact on how we feel emotionally. Your diet , your sleeping patterns and consumption of caffeine , alcohol and nicotine can have a large impact on your emotional health such as create and intensifies anxiety and depression.

Your mental health, physical health and emotional health are all connected to each other. To take care of one can have a big benefit on the others

Lastly, living well means living longer. All of us want to live as long as we possibly can, taking care of our bodies ensures that we can live a long, healthy, happier life

Low Power Mode

Having spoken to various people about how they feel now they are returning to work and their every day routine pre lockdown, the general feeling is that they are tired, drained and exhausted.

This is completely understandable. Having spent so much time at home, indoors and less than usual activity, it only stands to reason that when you are put back into an environment, which is expecting more from you in such a short space of time, that you are going to feel this way as it is a shock to the system. And that's OK. It will take time to adjust to this new normal and the mental and physical impact it will have on you.

You don't have to expect yourself to just go back to normal just like that, it will take time, effort and slow paced persistence to get you back to where you want to be.

So I suggest that you run on low power mode to get you through this time of transition. Slowly adding more and more activity to your days and only doing what your energy allows to get you through your day.

Be kind to yourself, do what you can and self care.

There is freedom in restriction

Do you find it frustrating when you act in a way that goes against that which would make you happy? 

Do you promise yourself that you would eat healthier but then stuff yourself with unhealthy junk food? Do you say that you will drink more water only to find yourself making yourself another cup of coffee or opening a can of pop? Or do you say that you would make the bed on a daily basis or be tidier or cleaner but you just cannot find the energy or time to be so? What about the old making more time to read more and spending more time exercising? The list goes on!

Forcing yourself to do something that you may not necessarily want to do may feel arbitrary and restricted but in creating that time and forcing yourself to act in a certain way and following through with your new habits will create more happiness in your life.

There will be things that you don't want to do, but you do them anyway because they are good for you.

There is freedom and happiness in discipline.

It's not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself and to make your happiness a priority. Its Necessary - Mandy Hale....

Self care is about pampering yourself, treating yourself and adding a little indulgence to your life.

It is also about habits, behaviours and life choices used to preserve your mental and physical well being and about giving yourself what you need when you need it. This is the core and foundation of self care.

It is necessary for all to practise self care, to make sure that we prioritise ourselves and give ourselves what we need to live the life that we want. We all deserve it!

Check in with your year!

We are now half way through the year, so check in with your goals this year.

Obviously there has been a lot that has hindered us these last few months but there are still things that you can still control and manage.

Are you the person you want to be? Are you looking after yourself? Are you where you promised yourself you would be? Is there anything that you can do to improve yourself or a situation? Have you read that book you promised yourself you'd read? Have you caught up with that loved one you wanted to call? Are you living the way you want to be living?

Check in with your year so far and if you are right on track - great! If not, maybe see what you can change to make things better, easier and more comfortable.

Before you can truly help and care for others, you need to be able to help and care for yourself first 

The first example that comes to mind is when you are on an aeroplane (distant memory now, I know!), you are asked to put on your own oxygen mask before you can apply anyone else's, this is so you are safe, secure and breathing before you can make sure others are the same.

The same is true in your every day life, help yourself before you help others.

Make the world around you beautiful

With so much going on in the world right now, full of negativity, anxiety and fear, it is the perfect time to make the world around you beautiful.

This could mean literally - by creating a beautiful space around you. Maybe start that redecoration or rearrangement of furniture you have been putting off, hanging pictures on the wall or just making your home/home office a little more you.

It could be something as simple as changing your phone/PC background to something beautiful or popping some photos of you and loved ones on the fridge.

Or it could mean creating a beautiful space in your mind, a space where you can go when it gets a little too much. This can be achieved with a little visualisation. I personally think of a little space in my mind, with a comfy sofa and flowers and candles everywhere (obviously), this is a place where my mind can rest and be at ease.

What does making the world around you beautiful mean to you?

Get out of the spiral of negative emotions by plunging your face into ice cold water

Now this may sound strange or drastic, but actually, this is a great way to bring yourself back to the present moment and out of that dangerous spiral of negative emotions.

We are still in uncertain times and this can be very anxiety provoking and can be a strong trigger for other stress related emotions or mental illnesses. A great way to bring you out of this is to just immerse yourself in cold water.

Cold water not only reduces your temperature but it also reduces your heart rate which will help you to instantly calm down and come back to the moment you are in. If this seems a little too much, just pop an ice cube in your mouth and concentrate on it, it does the same thing on a smaller scale.

A nice little article for you teachers


We pump so much negativity into ourselves, from inside or outside ourselves and soak up so much rubbish on a daily basis without even knowing it.

Learning how to heal your wounds and change your negative beliefs about yourself can all be done with a little bit self help and self care. Just the simple the act of creating a small amount of time, just for you, that you stick to regularly and putting yourself first during this allotted time can send a signal to not only others around you but also to yourself that you will put yourself first.

By doing this, you build a commitment to yourself and respect for yourself and ultimately a relationship, a connection to yourself, and in turn, you raise your self importance. Then, you can start deciding what you want in your life and more importantly, what you don't want...Do you want things or people in your life that cause you doubt yourself? Do you want to read and watch negative content which will dampen your mood and slowly erode your mental health? Probably not...So you can get rid! Remove anything that does not serve you anymore.

By simply taking a little more time for yourself and giving yourself more consideration, you can create a better, happier and positive every day life that you can feel more comfortable in...

Tiny changes make massive impacts!

Spend time with your family members individually

Just as it is important to spend date night with your partner and get some alone time away from the rest of your family, it is also important to spend time with other family members alone to build that relationship too.

Right now, is a great time to embrace the time we have to spend time alone with each family member. Whether this be your children individually, your parents individually, grandparents or extended family. It is a lovely way to get to know one another better and spend some quality time with eachother to really boost not only your happiness but theirs too.

Are you an Abstainer or a moderator?

There are two types of people - Abstainers and Moderators. Abstainers are those who are all or nothing and Moderators are those who like everything in moderation. Knowing which one you are really gives you an insight into your habits and how you act so you can make a few adjustments if you need to...

Lets look at this with the example of food. Abstainers are those who buy a large bar of chocolate and will eat the entire contents until it is finished. Knowing that this item is waiting for them in the snack draw is too tempting and they cannot help but to polish it all off! Abstainers are better keeping the items they want to avoid out of the home altogether!

Moderators on the other hand will buy the bar of chocolate and leave it in the draw until they fancy it. They will maybe have a few bites every now and again but are not too fussed about the temptation as long as they know it is there. If, the chocolate is not there, however, they will have an urgent need to buy and eat lots of chocolate as this is the only thing they want until they get it. Moderators are better keeping small amounts of things they may crave dotted around the home to eat when they want to...

I am a proud Moderator Which are you?

Find small pleasures

Being at home with your families is a sure way to keep ourselves and others safe. However, the lack of travel and ability to go out and experience things may take some of the joy out of your every day life. Add some joy back into your day by finding and enjoying the little things that give you pleasure...

Working from home Tip

Being used to a bustling office, having to spend two months working from home has been an interesting transition. I have loved it, I have hated it, I have been burnt out and maybe a little too relaxed.

At the beginning, I didn't mind working from home so much, I could complete what I needed to do and I have found that I had more time on my hands without the commute and extra time needed to get ready etc. But, after a while, I started to feel really run down, tired and burnt out. Why did I feel this way? What was the problem?

I found that without my normal routine, I was working from my computer and phone at all hours because it was easier to access and I never felt like work was over because it was in my home. So, I decided to add back in my getting ready and end of work rituals by getting up slightly earlier but lazily getting ready and putting on my chosen outfit along with my normal cup of hot honey and lemon and sitting at my desk in the mornings. Then in the evening, powering down at my normal time, getting changed into my pyjamas, closing down the working day and (trying!) not working in the evenings. If you feel the same as I did, try this little tip, keep your morning and evening rituals to open and close the working day within your home.

Lift yourself when you are feeling low

Whether this be listening to a funny podcast, reading a nice book or watching a light film, lifting your mood when you are feeling low can create a little happiness in your every day life. At the moment things are uncertain and stressful but you can help yourself to stay positive by simply doing something you enjoy and giving yourself a little uplift.

Create transition periods throughout the day

As we are all mostly at home, our days can seem to merge together. Even if we have created ourselves a routine, it can still feel like one thing leads into another and your mindset isn't quite following the different things you have planned. For example: if you want to relax on the sofa but you have just finished doing some exercise, your brain will not be in relax mode but in super exercise mode. So, create transitions. Once you have finished doing one thing and ready to move on to another, take a few moments to get into the right mindset so you are ready for what you are about to do.

Unclench your jaw!

Is your jaw clenched or tense? Release some tension by simply opening your mouth fully to stretch out your jaw and then feel it go back to it's original place a little more relaxed

It's OK to be unproductive!

Whilst we are still in lock down, it's OK that you don't achieve something. YOU CAN just sit, relax and binge watch TV if you want to. YOU DON'T have to feel guilty, you can you just enjoy relaxing!


Now, more than ever, we need to socialise with others. Evidence shows that social connectedness is as important for our health as diet, movement and sleep - so speak to people! Try video calling loved ones, interacting with neighbours through fences/balconies/windows, spend time connecting with the people you live with and use this time to improve these relationships or call a long distance friend and catch up! Whoever you decide to speak to and however you decide to contact them, please keep talking!


Exercise has many good impacts on the body, especially right now, whether it be maintaining weight, keeping your body fit and healthy or keeping yourself sane during this time! In the UK, you are allowed to exercise outdoors once a day. This means you can walk, run and cycle. Otherwise, you can do a fitness DVD or YouTube tutorials as well as yoga, cleaning and gardening etc. Make sure you keep moving, keep active and keep exercising!

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Showing compassion during these times is key. To unite, work together to keep ourselves and others safe and indeed alive. Shaming, passing judgements and branding people as ‘selfish’ does not help us to achieve this.

As long as you act reasonably, within the law, whilst keeping yourself and others safe with good intentions, don’t worry and just be happy.

Do what you need to do, be what you need to be and love yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Have a solo pamper session

Things may be getting tense, lonely, overwhelming and depressing...

How many of us are in our pyjamas all day? Unwashed hair? Chipped nails? Hairy (lol)? I know have been slacking in my daily self care rituals and feeling a little gross lately! So, why not have some time alone with yourself or those you live with and have a little pamper session? Forget about the world for a little while and give yourself a little makeover and have some fun? Take a lovely hot bath and lather yourself in moisturiser afterwards? Whatever you feel you need to do to feel a sense of satisfaction and escape. Give yourself a break, you deserve it...Nothing like creating a little happiness by feeling beautiful.

Set An Alarm To Check In With What You Are Feeling

Hopefully are are now able to understand and acknowledge your emotions, accept and feel them and express them in a healthy way. If not, see previous posts which can help.

Now, its time to use these skills on a regular basis so we continue to process feelings in a healthy, loving and compassionate way. The best way to do this is to set an alarm to check in with yourself. Ask yourself how you feel, why you feel this way and to allow yourself to accept, sit and process your way through it. The emotions journal and book within this month’s BlissBox can help do this in a more detailed way. Be more connected with you 


Now, more than ever, we need to socialise with others. Evidence shows that social connectedness is as important for our health as diet, movement and sleep - so speak to people! Try video calling loved ones, interacting with neighbours through fences/balconies/windows, spend time connecting with the people you live with and use this time to improve these relationships or call a long distance friend and catch up! Whoever you decide to speak to and however you decide to contact them, please keep talking!

Express Your Emotions In A Healthy Way

After you have identified your emotions, accepted them and felt them, you are then ready to express them if you feel the need to. If someone has hurt you and this has made you sad or angry, show them how sad and angry you are. Maybe don’t start flipping tables and throwing objects out of windows (lol) but tell that person how you feel and how their actions have hurt you and if you need to cry or shout then do so. The expression of a negative emotion is healthy as long as you are not harming yourself, others or possessions.

Equally, you can express your emotions alone, cry if you need to cry and scream into a pillow if helps! Writing in the emotions journal in this month’s BlissBox also helps to process and express emotions. I like to listen to sad or angry music to help me process and express my negative emotions alone.

This also applies to happy emotions too, be happy, be excited, be surprised, express and show these emotions for yourself and to others too.

Do what you need to do. Feel what you need to feel.

Accept And Feel Your Emotions

Now that you can name your emotions, you can move to the next stage which is just to accept them and to feel them. Your feelings are your feelings and you cannot control the way you feel even if you want to! Which means that if you want to feel a certain way but feel another instead, you cannot change this without going through the motions. Resisting the way you feel only causes anxiety so its better to accept the way you feel, no matter how you want to feel and to just feel it, sit with it and let it pass. The items in this month’s BlissBox will help you to do this in a more loving and compassionate way.

Name Your Emotions

March is all about ‘feeling what you feel’ so this month, we will be giving you tips on being more in tune with your emotions and how to handle them. The best place to start is to simply name them. Identifying your emotions correctly can bring awareness back on to your feelings so you are able to know what you are feeling. You can then use the tools we have provided in this month’s BlissBox to identify, understand and move forward with your emotions to become more in line with your feelings.

Plan Fun Activities With Yourself!

Once you have started to schedule time for yourself and you feel more comfortable in your own company, its time to have some fun to incentivise more time with yourself! Whatever you want to do - do! Whether its as simple as binge watching your fav shows alone, meditating or baking or going for a walk, a meal or on holiday! Go do what you want to do, and do it with you, for you!

Have Great Conversations With Yourself

Once you feel like you have regular fun time with yourself, try having great conversations with yourself. Get to know you and build a relationship. Keep in touch with you and check in! Touching on a previous tip, be your own friend!

We hope that this month’s tips help you to spend more time with yourself and allow you to feel more at ease with the idea. You are not a stranger, you are you. Keep you close because you will always have you.

Plan Fun Activities With Yourself!

Once you have started to schedule time for yourself and you feel more comfortable in your own company, its time to have some fun to incentivise more time with yourself! Whatever you want to do - do! Whether its as simple as binge watching your fav shows alone, meditating or baking or going for a walk, a meal or on holiday! Go do what you want to do, and do it with you, for you!

Schedule Time To Be Alone

Being alone can be difficult for us. Most of us like to have company surrounding us, they make us feel more safe, secure and wanted. Being alone, however, can expose your vulnerability and feelings of loneliness - and just your thoughts and feelings in general! It can be very uncomfortable, especially without distractions. Nonetheless, if we want a closer relationship with ourselves, we need to be able to have that time to be alone with ourselves first. Start small by scheduling small periods of time to just be alone. The more you do this, the less alien that feeling will be and the closer you can be to yourself.

Choose You

Following our ‘Connect to the Self’ theme for 2020, this month is about spending time with yourself. We’ll go through ways to spend more quality time with yourself during this month and how to be alone. But first, you have to choose yourself. Spending time with yourself is just as important as spending time with those close to you. You need to make a commitment, show up and be there to build that bond and relationship! Choose you this month and make the commitment to spending more time with yourself!

Feeling Stressed or Anxious?

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