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We have five senses. Sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. We use our senses to understand and perceive the world around us. However, have you noticed there is a certain kind of pleasure when you notice a sense is in action? The smell of freshly cut grass. The taste of your favourite food. The feel of a soft and fluffy blanket…

Noticing, stimulating and indulging in your senses can make your life that little bit sweeter. When you begin to actively notice your senses and actually do things to stimulate those senses, you begin to experience the world around you in a different way. Bringing more beauty, joy and simple pleasures into your everyday life.


Each BlissBox is packaged with love, tissue paper, dried petals, twine and a dried flower for you or a loved one to enjoy.

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BlissBox UnBoxed

The Perfect Sensory Experience

Gold plated daisy charm bracelet

The pretty treat

Flying White Dove Wind Chime

The sense stimulator


Spring Awakening Scented Soy Wax Wardrobe Fresheners

You can use


Chocolate Flowers

The self-care inspiration

Eco-Friendly Air Drying Clay Kit

The activity

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The Journey


Theme of 2021

Beauty from Within

With a new year, comes a new yearly theme! This year’s theme is Beauty from Within. When you give yourself the care, love and attention you deserve, you begin to bloom from the inside, creating beauty from within. I will be putting together BlissBoxes throughout the year, each creating perfect self-care experiences to keep you going throughout 2021 – no matter what it brings!

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Feel Beautiful from within with BlissBox