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A big part of Connecting with the Self is communication, the understanding and awareness of your mind and body - the wants and needs.


This month’s BlissBox is centred on bringing you into your body, getting to know your body a little more so you are able to communicate with it and be able to give yourself what you want and need – empowering you with the skills to create your very own tailored self-care routine.


Your body, after all, is an extension of you, so understanding your body more allows you to understand yourself more and all the areas in which you need to show special attention.

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Hand selected items put together to

help you communicate better with yourself

BlissBox Communication with the Self Cards


These cards are written by me, especially for you, with the intention of helping you to check in with certain parts of your body so you can really understand it, know how it feels and what it needs. They will help you to focus on getting to know that particular area better, realise when it needs a little attention and suggestions of what you can do to relieve it.

BlissBox Writing Set with a Rose Gold pen and heart stickers


Use this set to communicate with and understand yourself better. You can record how your body feels or your emotions - like a diary, you can write to bring awareness and have conversations with yourself or you can write yourself lovely letters which you can open when you need a little pick me up. Use this set to communicate with yourself in whatever way you feel is right and comfortable.

Popped Lotus Seeds snacks by Native vs Homemade chocolate by Foxy Chocolate


Included within this BlissBox are two delicious foods for you to enjoy and to use to understand how good it feels to give your body something that it craves. First, check in with the body to see which of these items you would like to eat and when you would like to eat it. Actively feel how the body reacts to the treat when you begin to eat and then how good it feels to fulfil that craving. This little exercise will help you to tune into other areas where your body may have a need and it will teach you to listen to that craving and to enjoy fulfilling it – i.e. Self-care!

A Bear Hug in a Box by Teddy Adoption Agency


Another need the body may have, especially right now, is comfort so I have included a soft cute little bear which you can use to provide yourself with the comfort you may need at the moment. You can do this by touching the bear and feeling the softness to self soothe, you can hug it, place on your desk as a little friend or use it to offload your worries. However you use it, I hope it brings you a sense of relief whenever you need it.

Quote of the Month

Tip of the month 

The self-hug

Handmade Say Yes to more spontaneously pin by I Love Pins


Continue to communicate with yourself by experiencing new things and saying YES to more! What other likes and interests could you develop by trying new things?

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