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Subscription BlissBox
Your Quarterly Subscription BlissBox
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The Quarterly BlissBox

Give yourself permission to give yourself the care, love and attention you need to feel like you all the time. The BlissBox quarterly subscription box is designed to give you a regular break from your stressful everyday life with a little help, indulgence, beauty and themes which can help you self-care in all areas of your life. It's time for you to feel good - all the time! 


The Flexible Rolling Treat Yourself Subscription, every 3 months



Full self-care experience included:

  • 9-12 self-care gifts

  • Themed gifts to open each month of the quarter for regular self-care

  • A Self-care email campaign supporting your subscription to help, encourage and spur you on.

  • Quote cards

  • Self-care tips

  • Tied together with love, twine and a flower

  • Delivery to your door