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I'm really grateful for this self-care package from the lovely BlissBox. I can't wait to have my own little spa day and try out the gorgeous items

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Julie *Star Subscriber*

I opened by Christmas box today. Could have saved it for Christmas Day but couldn't resist! Again, It's lovely and each month, they're totally different and well thought out. Thank you xx


I am telling all my friends about you. Can't wait for Jan. The care and attention you put into these is amazing xx



Hi Shareen, I received my BlissBox today. It's wonderful, thank you so much !!


I received mine on Saturday and it was the best thing that has happened to me in a long time! It was so beautiful. Thank you! 

Thank you so much for these little wonderful goodies and for making my October a little less dull at this time! This really cheered me up!


Julie *Star Subscriber*

Can I just say, I have had a completely blissful day today, on my day off. My BlissBox came today (ideal) and I took my box upstairs to indulge myself! One bath and oil later, I feel amazing! Thank you xx

Mature Woman



You have such a lovely business.

You can tell a lot of thought and effort goes into the themes and packaging, well worth it x

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Thank you for sending my BlissBox every month successfully! BlissBox are a female owned brand, they put so much effort into these BlissBoxes!

Julie *Star Subscriber*

Well I have loved both of mine! Each has contained lovely gifts I would choose for myself, all beautifully presented and well thought out, plus I'm pleased small independent businesses are being supported x

I love it! I like the new dinky boxes. Funnily enough, this time I was about to open it thinking there's not been chocolate for ages and there was some, so that was a really nice surprise!

Caroline *Star Subscriber*

There are no plans available.

Currently having a tea with a bar of chocolate, feet up, reading my yoga book - life is good.


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This month's theme is "Rest the Body" just what I need right now!


The most therapeutic box I've ever seen, thank you BlissBox for making this box so special! I adore it.


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Thank you for my amazing box which came wrapped up so beautifully, just what I asked for on my birthday on Saturday x


Thank you BlissBox. I love this month's BlissBox! It is so thoughtful at a time like this.


Hey Hun! I just thought I'd let you know I've been wearing the moonstone bracelet everyday since I've got it to protect me through this uncertain and scary time. I'm not really a believer in this stuff but the first day I wore it I got into university! xxxxx

James *Star gifter*

Last week I placed an order with yourselves for a one-off March BlissBox for a very dear friend of mine. I wanted to send her something with a personal touch, and you certainly delivered! She was extremely pleased to receive her package and it elicited a very positive response (everything was so lovingly presented - she was especially thrilled with the aromatherapy kit and emotional intelligence book). In fact, here's what she had to say in her own words: "It was one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received. It really was - with so many beautiful things inside! It made me cry and put a huge smile on my face and one of the warmest feelings in my heart. I'm entirely grateful for such a beautiful gift." Thank you for offering this wonderful service - in such uncertain and anxiety-inducing times, it's lovely to be able to spread some positivity and kindness to those we care about most. I will definitely be using BlissBox again in the future.



Thank you BlissBox for treating me to the perfect pamper package for my weekly self-care night


They're beautiful boxes of love and light for women everywhere.


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No other subscription compares to BlissBox. The amazing themes every month to nourish mind body and soul with a mixture of all sorts so you never get bored! The delivery I get most exited for every time.


The best subscription box ever! Full of a wide range of beauty, self-care, jewellery and miscellaneous wonderfulness. I get so excited opening this every month, such great value for money with an amazing personal touch.


I feel beautiful! Thank you BlissBox


I have been recieving my BlissBox for several months now and I have to say they are a welcome surprise. BlissBox is central to my self-care and self-love regime and I really look forward to the beautiful unexpected gifts every time it arrives. BlissBoxes are beautifully presented and when you open the box you are presented with a gorgeous flower that always puts a smile on my face. I have received some lovely gifts such as scented candles, oil burners and crystals, chocolates, affirmation cards, daily inspirations and even a book from my favourite author Eckart Tolle. I have also bought BlissBoxes for my two daughters and they have been very happy with their gifts. Thank you BlissBox and I am looking forward to many more BlissBoxes in the future.

Happy Mature Woman

Caroline *Star subscriber*

I opened my latest Blissbox yesterday, and I have to admit, initially my heart sank. I've never got into the whole Hygge thing, so I was expecting disappointment. How wrong I was though! I decided to give it a go, and put the socks on. I haven't taken them off since! It's like my feet are being cuddled. I drank the hot chocolate in the bath with the candle burning, and the scent and taste combined for the most relaxing bath ever. I haven't started the book yet, but since I'm not longer a Hygge hater, I'm actually looking forward to it! Blissbox is one of the highlights of my month, and I can't wait for the next one. I love how they always fit the time of year perfectly but without being over the top about it. Looking forward to seeing what December brings. 

So far, my favourite items were the scented candle because it was very pretty (in turquoise ceramic), the hand soap, the body butter, the summer planning small posters and the "you got this hun" coaster. And best of all, the feeling of excitement to receive a present that makes me feel like I deserved it. I am a very down to person and it is nice to open my horizon up a bit with some items (not all) related to the mind well-being as much as the body without going too far in the spiritual. Love it!

Laurence *Star subscriber*

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I have received 2 of these boxes now and they are absolutely beautiful. The care and thought put into these boxes really gives them such a personal touch. The scents are incredible. These boxes are bursting with feel good factor and are a lovely treat whether it's a one off or monthly treat.

Sarah C

The boxes and overall experience are beautiful. They look very professional and I was really impressed with the products I received. I've not had the chance to use everything yet but what I have used has been to an excellent standard. The box arrived promptly exactly when it was supposed to. I have now subscribed and can't wait to receive my next box. Highly recommend this and love the convenience. Thank you BlissBox.


First box arrived promptly last month, the rose smell inside the box still present but discreet, I'm impressed (as rose is June's flower, I did not know this). Very carefully wrapped, with the flower as an invitation to open. I was having friends over on the day I received the box, so I opened it with them, it was even better...So many delicately chosen gifts, as if they were personal, specifically chosen for me. Funny and relaxing at the same time. Just a little moment away from reality.

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