Palo Santo translates into holy wood in Spanish. This sweet, fragrant tree from South America belongs to the citrus family and was used by the Incas, Shamans and medicine people for energy clearing, healing and spiritual cleansing. Abalone is a type of marine sea snail in the mollusc family. These beautiful treasures can be used to catch hot embers and ash created by the Palo Santo. Inside each shell is a lovely layer of mother-of-pearl, giving it a colourful and mesmerizing charm. Abalone shells represent an offering from the ocean imbued with the nurturing energies of the water element (empathy, compassion, intuition and the divine feminine) which makes this the perfect tool to use for those looking to embody these qualities.


Use the pair together to cleanse yourself, your home and your surroundings from any unwanted negative energies. Simply light one end of the Palo Santo stick, wave the smoke produced around that which you would like cleansed and then place in the Abalone shell once you have finished.

Palo Santo sticks and abalone shell set