Have fun and get creative by designing a gorgeous bejewelled heart with this complete kit. The wooden heart is painted white ready for you to decorate with your favourite pink glittery beads, buttons, gems and rhinestones with glue. Whenever you feel you need to take a little break, take out your kit and just keep adding little beautiful embellishments to relax, rebalance and to come back to the present moment

Heart Craft Kit with Gemstones and anything else sparkly, pretty and pink

  • Crayola Paint: Washing & care information. For best results: Crayola Washable Kids' Paints wash from skin and most washable clothing. Wash promptly in hot wash cycle. Do not use prewash or chlorine bleach. Repeat laundering may be required. Not for use as body/face paint. Stain advisement: keep away from wallpaper, painted walls, finished and unfinished wood, vinyl, carpeting and other materials that cannot be laundered. All Crayola Art materials are non-toxic. PVA Glue: Always protect surfaces & clothing. Remove excess adhesive with damp cloth. Do not rub. Wash with plenty of liquid detergent and cold water and soak overnight. Branded makes of washing-up liquid or household soap are particularly effective. When as much of the stain as possible has been removed, wash in normal way. If necessary, repeat allowing detergent to rest on fabric. Avoid using strong detergent, bleach and organic solvents. General: All kits are not suitable for children of 4 years or under and may contain small items such as sequins, buttons, gems etc which may constitute a choking hazard. Adults should monitor children at all times when using these kits.