Orange, Clary Sage and Frankincense Essential Oils with Amethyst


Clary sage oil can help alleviate stress by inducing a sense of well-being. It can be beneficial for depression by acting as an anti-stressor. Clary Sage can calm the nervous system and help with tension headaches and migraines and can be used to alleviate menopausal symptoms. Orange Essential Oil’s pleasant scent has a cheerful and uplifting yet simultaneously relaxing, calming effect that helps reduce pulse rate. It can not only create a warm environment but can also stimulate the strength and resilience of the immune system and acts as a mood booster. Orange Essential Oil helps you feel uplifted, even on a bad day. Frankincense is another good oil for stress relief and reducing inflammation. It helps improve memory and regulate sleep. It is good for balance hormones during menopause and menstruation. It is great for meditation and has a slightly sweet aroma. Use which ever oil you need by rubbing a few drops on to pulse points or have the aroma around your home by popping a few drops in an oil burner or humidifier. These oils coupled with the Amethyst crystal can help you to balance your emotions and your hormones to keep you afloat in your everyday life.

Emotion and Hormone Balance Aromatherapy Kit

  • All Essential Oils are 100% Pure

    All Oils are 10ml.

    Consult a doctor if you have any medical conditions.
    Discontinue use if you experience any reaction and seek medical advice.
    Keep out of reach of children and animals.
    For external use only. Do not ingest.
    If you have allergies seek medical advice before use.