Beauty from within


BlissBox is a self care and well being subscription and gift box for women and is available as an individual box or flexible rolling subscriptions.





The BlissBox is exactly that, a Box of Bliss and an experience designed to give you a break from your stressful every day life with a little indulgence, luxury and beauty. It is time for you to feel good!

Each BlissBox includes an item which...


Promotes self-care 

to help and support you to self-care and take care of your well-being

Is an activity

to help you be present and in the moment


Is a pretty treat

because every woman deserves something pretty

You can use

which you can easily implement into your every day life


Stimulates a sense

to bring a little indulgence to the mix

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Show yourself the same love, care and attention you give yourself to others and watch yourself bloom.


BlissBox UnBoxed


Video by Sophie Charlson.

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Love from our BlissBoxers

Smiling Girl


You can tell a lot of thought and effort goes into the themes and packaging, well worth it x

Themes that will make you fall in love with yourself

This year is centred around creating Beauty from Within


The Indulgence BlissBox


The Feeling your emotions BlissBox


The restful sleep BlissBox


The spend time with yourself (perfect bath) BlissBox

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Feel Beautiful from within with BlissBox