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Wind Down Ideas

A wind down is simply the transition from your daily activities to sleep. The ability to slow down in the evening is just as important as gearing up in the morning for the day ahead.

Actively winding down in the evening will have many benefits for your health. Winding down properly improves the quality of your sleep as well as increasing the number of hours you sleep for. It will help you regulate your mood and keep yourself emotionally balanced as well as boosting your ability to learn, remember and solve problems. Winding down encourages and inspires creativity as well as improving your attention span.

According to the National Institute of Health, a lack of sleep or sleep deprivation impacts healthy brain function, emotional wellbeing and daytime performance. If you suffer from stress or anxiety, as part of your self-care routine, consider a wind down to ensure you are sleeping and relaxing as much as you need.

An effective wind down typically begins 1-2 hours before you go to bed. Try adding a few of the following ideas to the end of your day to wind down:

Mindfulness exercises:

Around 10-20 minutes before bed, try doing some mindfulness exercises in a dimply lit room. Take five minutes to bring yourself into the present moment and into your body. From head to toe, be aware of your body's relationship to your surroundings and how it feels. The final 5 minutes practise some breathing exercises to focus and relax your mind and body ready for bed.

Take a Bath:

Taking a bath can really get you in the mood to relax. Make your bath luxurious by adding bubbles, a bath bomb, or Epsom salts, or sit back on a bath pillow. You can also pair your bath with a good book, audiobook, candlelight, soothing music and a nice relaxing drink. Feel your day floating away...


Exercise can improve your mental health by releasing feel good hormones and helps to work off stress that has been built up throughout the day. Whether you break a sweat at the gym, go for a walk with your dog or do a few light yoga moves, include exercises in your wind down to feel good and relax.


Creativity is great for our mental health and when it comes to the end of the day, turning the TV off, lighting a few candles and playing some soothing music whilst creating something beautiful will help your mind concentrate on the present moment. The repetitive movements involved with crafting will help to focus your thoughts and relax your body. Crafting will also boost your sense of achievement and improve your skills.


“Good stories have the power to inspire, comfort, and embolden us unlike anything else.” Picking up a book can be a good escape at the end of a long day and a good way to return to the present moment, focusing thoughts, relax and get cosy.


"Outer order, inner calm" - Gretchen Rubin. Decluttering can not only reduce stress, but also boost productivity and promote better sleep. For some (like me), sorting, organising, and cleaning are relaxing. Then, spending a little time enjoying the cleanliness and your efforts increases your sense of achievement.


Why not give yourself a massage, paint your nails with a new nail polish or pop on a face mask...Turn on some relaxing music, light some candles and turn your bathroom into a spa.

Soothing Music:

Music has a big impact on our mind, body and emotions. Playing some soothing music is a quick and effective way to relax.

Alone Time:

Spending time alone gives you the time and space to be able to do what you want to do. To do what you love and to immerse yourself in your hobbies. It will give you the peace of mind and freedom you need to relax and by connecting with yourself and you will in turn build a better relationship with yourself.

I hope this helps,

Shareen x

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