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Why should we indulge?

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Indulgence has always been something that has been seen as bad, selfish and sinful. Even the idea of indulging in something is usually followed by the consuming feeling of guilt. I put this down to the fact that in most religions and cultures, overindulgence (gluttony) is directly named as a sin. Also, the notion that we should be living a simple, quiet and charitable life that puts other's needs before our own feeds into this too.

So, over time, this has been filtered down into our belief system and ingrained into our way of life. Which has led to us not being able to treat ourselves or indulge in any way, let alone in a healthy way.

The thing is, living a simple, quiet and giving life is of course the ideal, but it isn't something that is as practical anymore. We migrate to cities, in search of available work and get sucked into a busy, faced paced and anxiety fuelled lifestyle. We don't have quiet anymore because there are so many distractions competing to catch our attention. And, we are now starting to realise that we are just as important as everyone else so we are beginning to put ourselves and our needs before others (which is not selfish, may I add here!).

Living a busy, fast paced and anxiety fuelled life is certainly the norm now, this is something that we cannot easily get away from. However, most of us do make the effort to ensure that we keep on top of our health and happiness by implementing good habits, eating right and making sure we stay in shape by exercising.

Our physical wellbeing has been a focus within our lives for a few generations - the idea of taking the time to go to the gym, going for a run or watching exercise videos in the 80s has certainly kept us going...

More recently, we have had plenty of advice around our wellbeing made available to us - from recipes for healthy homemade meals and top habits that successful people in this world adopt such as waking up at 5am and planning your day to mental health advice and mindfulness.

And we try our best to adopt all of these things - the waking up early, journaling, fitting in a morning swim followed by that fresh fruit smoothie. Going about our day, eating those healthy snacks as well as a nice nutritious salad for lunch and slotting in some time to have a quick walk around the block to get some time outdoors. Not forgetting to take the stairs when possible and those secret butt clenches we do on our chairs. Then coming home, getting a homemade meal on the table for our families, as well as keeping on top of our daily washing, cleaning and other little tasks we set ourselves to maintain our sense of achievement. Then we end our day by catching up with our friends, reading our chosen book and then going to bed at a reasonable time to clock enough hours for our 8 hour sleep...

Sounds great doesn't it...

But doesn't it also sound exhausting? Living a good, healthy and balanced life is draining - there is no doubt about it! Remembering to get everything done, having the energy and time to be able to carry out all these tasks and having the constant willpower is simply superhuman and is quite honestly, unrealistic in my opinion.

Which is why indulging and treating ourselves is so important and should be a part of this cycle we have created for ourselves. Indulging gives us that break, it gives us that well deserved reward and it makes all our hard work worth it!

Reasons why we should indulge:

Indulging and taking a break is a necessary part of change, progress and success.

We cannot be expected to be perfect all the time, we are human and we can change what we want and what our priorities are based on the way we feel - which also fluctuates constantly!

Allowing ourselves this break and giving ourselves what we need means we can go with the flow of our emotions, our energy levels and our body's needs so we can be more in line with who we are which does pave the way to progression, success and meeting expectations in our daily goals.

Indulging offers us learning opportunities

Understanding what we indulge in and why, also understanding why we may feel a sense of shame or failure around indulging can give us a greater insight into ourselves. We can begin to understand what we enjoy and like to indulge in. When we want to indulge - making this acceptable within our daily lives. And being able to manage our feelings around indulgence, making the act of indulgence a way of being healthier and happier in our every day lives.

Sometimes we need to fall to get back up

Indulging and the negative feelings we may have around the act can give us the push and motivation we need to be able to keep up our healthy habits.

Indulgence is part of living!

Without indulgence, our super healthy daily routines can become boring, repetitive and draining. Some of us may even become resentful of the habits and tasks we have set ourselves, forcing us to go through our routines, even when we don't want to.

Adding indulgence gives us that zest for life, that little joy and pleasure that we add to our days. How good is it to have a lie-in after getting up at 5am every day for the last week? How amazing do we feel when we splurge on a chocolate cake every once in a while when we have been eating salads all the time? How brilliant would it feel to actually buy ourselves that handbag we have had our eye on because we have been working hard recently?


Indulgence and treating ourselves is a great way of keeping ourselves motivated, fresh and excited. It is also giving ourselves a much needed break in our daily lives and allowing ourselves to move in the flow of our own needs and desires as they change from day to day.

Indulgence, in my opinion, is a necessary part of life, especially in this day and age. It allows us to keep living in a healthy and happy way whilst adding a lovely dose of joy and pleasure to our day.

Sending you love,

Shareen x

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