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Transitioning Into A New Normal

Updated: May 17, 2021

And things are changing again!

As we move through the phases our governments have laid out for us, there are going to be a series of changes that we need to get used to. This will mean changes in routine, changes in the work place, changes in commitments, changes in socialising and the list goes on!

Change and adapting to it is difficult at the best of times, let alone a series of major changes which affect every aspect of our lives throughout the foreseeable future! With all this constant change, how best do we manage and prepare ourselves throughout these transitions, emotionally, mentally and physically?

Emotionally preparing for change:

Here is a diagram of what the emotional journey of any change looks like:

That's quite an emotional journey through every transition! For some of us, these stages may only take a few moments to pass and you are ready for the new beginning relatively quickly, however, for others, these stages could take a while to process and the emotions are harder to pass.

One thing to remember is, all of our emotional journeys are all different. From person to person, from change to change. We can travel through this journey, through the various stages at difference paces based on our personalities, our mood, our opinions and our beliefs.

No matter the speed you go through these transitions going forward, be sure to be kind to yourself. You may not be at the same place on this scale emotionally as others, however, with time, with compassion, acceptance, acknowledgement and small steps forward, you will hopefully be able to adapt to the change at hand, be willing to get through it, no matter what it is - good or bad, and embrace a new beginning.

Mentally preparing for change:

Here is a checklist of things you can be doing mentally to prepare for any changes ahead:

1. Keep an eye out for upcoming changes and what those changes will be (if you are in the UK, the government website is a good place to check this information - https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus)

2. Know what is involved as part of the change. (What are the new rules? How do they affect you and your life?)

3. Check what the reasons for the change are. (To help accept the change and prepare, understand what the reasons are behind the change to motivate you to make the changes required.)

4. Do the necessary research you need for the change ahead. (Do any necessary research to enable you to implement changes.)

5. Plan for the change ahead. (Are there changes you need to make in order to carry out the change? - tests? vaccine?)

6. Check to see if there is anything extra you need to do fulfil the change. (pre-flight checks - do you have everything you need - are you sure?)

7. Act on the change. (good to go...!)

Physically preparing for change:

Being physically ready for any changes ahead can prevent a lot of stress. Whilst going through your mental checklist, there are things you can do physically to prepare for changes ahead such as ensuring you take appropriate tests and get vaccines. It could also be looking at returning to work and ensuring you have childcare in place, transport ready and a routine in place to help you to make the transition easier. Or it could be preparing to visit friends and family and ensuring you have everything you need, or going on holiday. Whatever changes are ahead, ensure you have everything you need to be able to carry them out.

Once you know what changes are ahead and you have done the necessary planning as well as managed your emotions around the change and you are in the phase of acceptance within the emotional process, you can then go forward with your transition.

Proceed with change on your terms. Like I said before, be kind to yourself, know yourself and accept where you are at on the emotional scale. Everyone has their own timescales and we all move at our own pace. This is a difficult situation to navigate for everyone. Be prepared, be as cautious as you need to be and be compassionate with yourself and with others.

I hope this helps,

Shareen x

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