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Things to remember in Lockdown

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Here we go again!...Another day, another Lockdown!

So, I thought it would be a nice idea to put together a list of some of the things I learned in the last Lockdown and share them with you to make this Lockdown a little easier.

Hunt For Joy

It's the little things that make you smile which make all the difference. Staying at home and staring at the same 4 walls isn't really that fun or stimulating I'm sorry to say! But, you can make it a more pleasurable experience by searching for the little joys within your day. For me, this is the smell of fresh washing, laughing at the jokes of my favourite comedians and watching my little chinchilla, Delph, dive in and out of cardboard boxes in my hallway.

Plan Little Projects To Do

If you are feeling stuck right now, planning little activities or working your way through a to do list it is a great way to feel a great sense of achievement. Also, it creates a feeling of control and helps you to feel like you are moving forward in some way.

Create Something To look Forward To

Create small occasions, celebrations, conversations and games with others or on your own, this gives you a little something to be excited about. Within the last Lockdown, my friends and I created virtual birthday celebrations which involved pink prosecco, cake and a good laugh. A lovely way to be involved and still share experiences.

Lift Your Mood

If you are feeling low, you can lift your mood by playing uplifting music, watching or listening to something light hearted or just doing something fun.

Treat Yourself And Show Yourself Compassion

Be gentle with yourself! This is a difficult time and you are not going to feel or do things as you want to all the time. Give yourself a break and treat yourself. There nothing more you can do.

Manage Your Emotions

Understand how you feel and why you feel this way. You may not like the way you feel, you may not agree with the way you feel, but, nonetheless, it is the way you feel! Accept your emotions and then let them go. If you need to release emotions, try crying, journaling, talking to a friend/professional, meditating, exercise or focusing on an activity.

Remember To Have Fun

Things have been pretty serious recently, remember to have a little fun to take the edge off - whatever this means to you.

Stay Healthy

bad habits can easily slip into our daily lives if our routines are broken - stay strong! Eat well, drink well, sleep well, keep exercising and maintain your good habits!

Be Social

keep talking! Keep connected to be better balanced, stay positive and feel loved.


Walk, run, cycle, yoga, push ups...Do what you can to stay active.


Keep your mind healthy. Meditate or at least take a break from your head if you need it. Create some space and take some time away from your thoughts.

Schedule Worry Time

It is unhealthy and a waste of time and energy if you keep worrying all the time. To avoid this, schedule a half hour on an evening to worry about everything you want to worry about and then move on. If you feel like there is something you want to worry about outside of this time, make a note and then worry about it in your worry session. You can also find it useful to journal or talk to a friend during this session too.

Find Time To Relax

Need I say more?

Turn Off Your Screens!

Take a break from your screens and social media. Do something else for a while. Rest your eyes, rest your mind and concentrate on what's around you. Go outside, listen to some good music, dig out your old cook books and make something delicious . Whatever you choose to do, do it without your screens!

Find A New Hobby

Get crafting, do something you love which will bring you a little joy within your day.

Learn Something New

Take this time to learn a new language, a new skill or simply do a little soul searching and learn more about yourself. Use this time wisely!

Create A Routine

Without a routine, you may find that your days will lack structure and will soon begin to merge into one. Creating a routine ensures you use your time productively, it helps you get more control over your own life and it gives you purpose and a sense of accomplishment.

Create Start And End Times For Work

If you are like me and working from home, it is useful to set a start time and an end time for your work. This will provide you with structure to your day, it will prevent you from working long hours and it will give you simple transition times throughout the day which you can move through easily.

Dress Up Every Once In A While And Feel Sexy

At home wearing all of your old baggy jumpers and joggers? Me too...I got to a point where I just didn't feel sexy any more, I didn't feel like me. Now, whenever I feel like I need to perk myself up a little, I dust off the cobwebs on my makeup bag and get dressed up for the day, just to feel like a woman again! Try it!

And finally...Remember,

We Can Do This!

Sending you love,

Shareen x

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