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Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Hello! This is me...



My name is Shareen, I am a 30 year old independent British Indian woman who currently lives in Leeds.

I am the proud owner of BlissBox, the self-care and well-being subscription and gift Box for women. Alongside this, I am a full time sales manager within a global construction software company.


I started BlissBox just over a year ago. I learned from experience how important self-care really is in anyone's life so I wanted to pass on my passion, knowledge, tools and experience to women all over the UK in a beautiful and easy way to show that self-care can be adopted into any routine - no matter how much time you have!

Creating monthly BlissBoxes and running BlissBox is my favourite thing to do. I love every step - from shopping for special themed gifts for BlissBoxers to the wrapping of each box to the photography.

Being able to express creativity, trying out new products and helping my lovely subscribers really adds joy and meaning to my life and gives me a reason to get up in the morning!


I LOVE adventures....

This is a picture of me just before I went on Velocity (the fastest zip line in the world)...


Just to give you an idea of what was involved >>

Safe to say that I screamed all the way down - but I loved it!

Aside from thrill seeking and constantly trying new things - I love walking, spending time in nature and reading (although, mainly audio books) and listening to podcasts. I like to actively learn new subjects that fascinate me like researching new self-care tips and psychology. I love cleaning (there - I said it!), watching TV (mainly comedies, documentaries and thrillers), baking and cooking. Of course I love to continually pamper myself and socialise, dance, spending quality time with my chinchillas and the people I love and care about.

These are my beautiful Chinchillas...

<< This is Polo,

He is around 7 years old. He is a lovely, fluffy, gentle giant but he is very curious which does get him into a lot of trouble!

This is Delph >>

He is also around 7 years old. He is a crazy and wacky chinchilla who you will find either doing back flips in his cage or busy teasing Polo.

The pair are great together, they are so different but they are truly best friends. They are a joy to be around. Every play time session they have (within the hallway of my flat) is new, exciting and entertaining - you can never be bored having these two in your life!

What am I like?

I am a positive, smiley go-getter with tons of energy (usually), tenacity and drive. I can be a soft, introverted push over sometimes but I can also be a strong, ruthless fighter when I need to be - I often tend to be underestimated because I know more than I let on but it usually works in my favour! I am a smart, shrewd, recovering perfectionist but I can also be lazy, sloppy and careless too. On the whole, I am a kind, generous, loving and charming (sometimes cheeky) person who mainly lives and loves to serve others.

All in all - this is a nice little snap shot of me, I hope you feel like you know me a little better!

Plenty more blogs to come but bye for now! x

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