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Simple Life Hacks

Here is a collection of handy life hacks which can help make things a little easier and a little happier...

Hacks for the Pandemic:

Unplug from the internet:

You are on annual leave in lockdown so you are pretty much unplugged from your daily routine. Why not take this time to unplug from the internet too. Take a break from social media, the news, the negativity and have some time to focus on the now. Concentrate on yourself, go for long walks, spend some time with your family, cook a delicious meal (without the internet!) and get back to your life. You will be amazed at how good you feel afterwards.

Document Covid-19 life

Commemorate your time within this pandemic by putting together a scrap book of your memories and document everything that is current. News, emails and texts, memes, pictures of your local area, your thoughts, what you are doing during your days. We are living through history right now, why not remember it and create something positive.

Craft time over zoom

Be with your usual circle on Zoom and do some crafts together. Put on some light background music, spend time together, have a nice cuppa and a chat as well as creating something beautiful.

Remember your facemasks.

Even though we have been using facemasks for such a long time - we still manage to forget them! Put your facemasks and other items in a hanging organiser on the back of your front door so you can easily remember to pick up your masks on the way out. You will be able to see your mask when you leave so you won't forget! Or, you could leave masks in your car, in every bag and in your coat pockets. This way, you will always have a facemask on you whenever you need one.

Extra Storage for Kids

With a constant change in school schedules and circumstances, your child may need access to all sorts of materials - coloured pencils, felt tip pens, crayons, paper...The list goes on! Using a lunch box to keep school materials in is helpful as there is plenty of space inside, compartments and you have a handy carry handle!

Surprise guests

Is your usual zoom calls getting a little boring? Running out of things to talk about? Why not add surprise guests to your calls. Have new family member or friend join the call so you and the rest of your zoom group have someone new to talk to to keep the conversation interesting and flowing.

Hacks for Relationships:

Measure how much you care

Have a 1-10 scale on how strongly you feel about something. If you win then you get your way and the other person lets it go. This is great for decision making, from what takeaway to have or what film to watch all the way to big purchases and where go on holiday next.

Hugs with children

Physical connection is important for emotional development and health. To boost this connection between you and your children, try hugging. But don't pull away so quickly, let them stop hugging you first. You’ll be surprised how long the hug goes on for! You can use this for others too, to bring comfort.

A designated basket

If your partner or your family leave things around the home - i.e. clothes on the floor, have a designated basket where you can collect all of these items and put them inside. It will be out of sight for you and a deterrent for your partner or kids as they will need to sort and find things in their own basket. It becomes their problem to deal with.

The Marvellous Mundane

Boost your gratitude by feeling grateful for the things that annoy you. The mess, children whining, calling after you or fighting. Remember that if it was all gone, you'd miss it! Now when you think this way, it is a reminder of things that you are grateful for and love - even if they do annoy you a little.

Make comfortable conversation

To avoid that uncomfortable conversation, try asking the other person a question that you know for a fact they know the answer to. So, for example "what will you do when you graduate" or "when are you getting married?" is open ended question which could be unknown and an uncomfortable topic. But asking "what is your living situation" or "what's been keeping you busy" are facts, as they would know what their days consist of, so a much safer territory. This avoids the initial uncomfortableness and then when the conversation gets going, you can ask the other thought provoking questions and hopefully the conversation will flow a little better.

One small thing

When things aren't going right in your life and your loved ones want to send you love in the form of a gift, why not pick one small thing (favourite sweets/flower?) that you love and others can buy you so your loved ones know what will cheer you up and what you may recognise as love. You will give the people around you the knowledge on how to give you comfort when you need it as well as you being comforted by your favourite things and receiving that love.

Quiet time

Build some quiet time within your daily routine with your children. Have your children in their rooms, who can do whatever they want, but have to be quiet - reading, quiet play, nap. This gives them the time to recharge and you can get your calls or other tasks done peacefully - or just enjoy the silence!

Audio book over lunch

Enjoy a little quiet time and eat lunch with your children whilst listening to an audio book at lunch time. You as the parent don't have to read, so you can just can eat along with your kids, spend some time together, listening to talented narrators and captivating shared stories.

Hacks for Exercise:

Treat yourself

To help boost exercise, why not treat yourself to new accessories which will make that form of exercise easier and more pleasurable. Such as new boots, gloves, headphones. Or even new songs, audiobooks, download a new podcast or subscriptions to make exercise more enjoyable.

The Zombies run game

This app tells you a story about a zombie apocalypse which keeps you running. The story only reveals when you are running so it encourages you to run more often as you want to know what happens next! www.zombiesrungame.com

Exercise and clean

Whilst visiting and exploring local nature trails or walking paths, get yourself and your kids kitted out with black bags and grabber sticks to pick up any rubbish you see. You can Explore and clean nature at the same time - doing good for the environment as well as doing good for yourself and your family.

Hacks for Clutter:

Buy nothing

Swap instead. Tell family members, friends, neighbours or those on Facebook groups what you need and see if anyone can swap with you. This way you are getting rid of what you don't need, which goes to a new home and you gain what you need without having to spend a penny.

Consolidate before you clean

Before cleaning, empty everything out from your draws and cupboards and then consolidate it all to one area. You are then free to focus on the space you want to clean as well as sort through the items you want to keep and throw away easily when you are done.

Opening a plastic bag

If you want to open a plastic bag without licking your fingers, simply stretch the plastic. The bag separates as a result and then you can pull each side apart.

I hope these are useful!

Shareen x

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