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My Unplug Experience

Updated: May 21, 2021

My unplugging experience....

My unplugging sessions are long, luxurious and indulgent, packed full of activities which help me to unplug from technology (not completely as you'll see - but using tech as tools to aid the experience), unplug from my busy and stressful routine and unplug from my life. Each activity is carefully placed in the experience to help me unwind in the way my body and my mind need me to.

Usually, I would book myself an all inclusive spa break in the country somewhere. Fresh air, massage and a good meal but lately, due to the pandemic, I have been able to achieve similar results in the comfort of my own home...Here's how I do it...

Unplugging The Mind:

The first thing I do is unplug my mind. If my mind is at peace then so will everything else. Late morning, I will make sure everything has been done - all the house work, the errands etc so my mind cannot be distracted by these - Outer order inner calm.

I make sure that I'm alone. A clear mind comes in solitude I find. Peace and quiet, not having to please or answer to anyone else.

I also have lunch. I cannot concentrate or be at peace on an empty stomach!

Once I feel like I am calm and ready to begin, I sit in a comfortable spot and meditate for 10 - 15 mins. Clearing the mind, bringing myself into the present moment and getting my head in the right space to unplug. This could be in silence, to gentle music or using the headspace app.

I then make my way into nature...

Unplugging The Body:

Next, I go for a nice, cleansing walk. Out in nature, taking in beautiful views and putting my body through some exercise. This not only helps my mind to stay calm and allows it to take a break from everyday life, it also physically takes me out of my home, out of my life and into the middle of nowhere. Unplugging physically.

Once my body has decided it has had enough exercise for one day - usually after 4-6 miles, I make my way over to the spa for my overnight spa break. I will check in mid afternoon, maybe have a cheeky glass of prosecco and then make my way to the spa. In the spa, I usually do a rotation between the sauna, steam room and shower and then jump in the pool for a swim - learnt this from the Finnish - before relaxing on the sofas they have around the pool for a while. Then I get back up and do it again. When I feel like I've had enough, I will soak in the jacuzzi, listening to the bubbles before I go for my 1 hour spa treatment which usually is a full body massage - yes!

However, at home, I have been doing this slightly differently. Mid afternoon, after my walk, I will rest for about an hour, reading a book or listening to a funny podcast. I'm really into no such thing as a fish which is done by the researchers of QI, it's both interesting and funny. I steam my face with facial steamers, packed full of essential oils and flower petals and then I apply my face mask and have a nice, candle lit soak in the bath. I put on some calming music or an audio book and enjoy a nice glass of cold prosecco or sparkling elderflower (depending on my mood) and I drift away.

Regardless of whether I'm in a spa or at home, taking the time to unplug the body in this way allows my body to break it's routine, get some exercise in a different environment and then some rest with indulgence. Along with my mind, my body will feel relaxed, calm and cared for.

Treating Myself:

After my jacuzzi or my bath, I treat myself with luxuries. If I'm in the spa, I will go for a nice full body massage for an hour. My neck, my shoulders, my back, my arms and my legs all get kneaded and stretched. If I'm lucky, I'll get some hot stones or a back mask too. Or, if I'm at home, I'll get my massage oil and give myself a soothing massage. Starting at the neck, making my way through each shoulder, the bits of my back that I can reach, my arms, my legs and finally my feet. Not only does my skin look and feel amazing, but I feel amazing and my body feels amazing too. Physically I feel zen but also, taking the time out to really treat myself and show myself love lifts my mood and warms my heart.

Then time for some good food and wine. Traditionally, I will stay overnight at the spa hotel and use the evening to get a 3 course delicious meal in my room whilst watching my iPad and drinking a little wine. A spa day isn't enough for me, it just doesn't feel right going home right away. So I'll stay the night, in peace, chilling out, in my room, on my own. If I'm at home, I will do the same, I will order a tasty takeaway, sit in my dressing gown on the sofa, watch some TV and enjoy some wine and some good food. And then of course chocolates - there is no complete experience without a bit of chocolate.

The Morning After

I have a lovely lie in, getting all the sleep I need before getting up and going back to the spa. I get my sauna, steam room and swim in as well as a cheeky facial treatment.....Before taking a nice long shower and then a Full English breakfast to finish.

If I'm at home, again, I will take all the sleep I need - difficult to get out of my bed with my warm electric blanket. I make my way to the bathroom, pop in some shower steamers and enjoy a nice long shower. I give myself a face massage before I do my morning skincare routine. And then I enjoy a nice breakfast.

And that's it! Back to feeling like my good self again!

Taking the time out that I need and treating myself to luxuries really helps me to take a much needed break and do something which is good for me, my heart and my soul. It is truly one of the joys that I add to my life. It is a way I show myself, my whole self, Love.

I hope this helps in some way and inspires you try your own unplugging experience.

Shareen x

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