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My Solo Date in Stories

So, I was going to write a nice piece around solo dates and solo date ideas for you to try. However, the other day, I really felt like escaping for a little while to get out of my head and into the world. So, instead of listing a load of solo dates which you may or may not try, I thought I would share this solo date and the journey I went through which I put up in my Insta stories to show you the benefits instead...We all know what we would love to do to, what our own ideas of the perfect solo date would be if we had the time, if we had the energy or if we had the confidence. But I wanted to show you the importance and the difference it made to me to inspire you to do the same.

It was just one of those mornings where I just needed to get out! I had had a busy week of which I spent most of my time at my PC on calls. I had several difficult conversations and I didn't give myself the breaks I needed. My body was low on energy but my mind was racing. I knew what I needed to do...Have an adventure in the middle of nowhere...

My idea of a solo date is to go off to place I have never been and explore...Whether this be in the middle of the Yorkshire countryside or a little historic town or a beautiful stately home/castle. I love history, I love learning, I love exploring and I love nature...

And I LOVE Bluebells!

After about 10 minutes, I felt the pressure on myself lifting. My mind was clearing, my breath was getting deeper and I was feeling calmer. Now, I was able to concentrate on the road ahead...Where it went, I had no idea, but isn't that the nature of any adventure? Off I went...!

And the Bluebells just kept coming! I love

this time of year!

I decided to take a little rest by the waterside. It was so quiet and peaceful. All I could hear was the soft swishing of the water and the birds in the trees behind me. I took in the scenery, the fresh air and watched the clouds for a little while before I moved on.

Yep...Random chickens? There must have been a farm nearby...Well I hope so anyway!

I just kept following the water, eventually it would lead me somewhere...Beautiful. The best bit of a solo date is that you don't have to rely on or please anyone else. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want. You can just focus on yourself. Follow your own path.

I just love watching the water. The sound of water so soothing.

And eventually, I found myself here...

I was the only one around surrounded by an incredible view. The world is truly amazing.

So I sat for a while and just took it all in. I felt light, I felt at peace and I felt loved. Sometimes you just need that time to yourself, to just be you. To remove yourself from your everyday life physically and mentally to really reconnect with yourself.

No matter how overwhelmed your mind gets, always remember that the world around you is far bigger.

I hope you enjoyed my solo date and I hope it inspires you to do the same!

Lots of love,

Shareen x

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