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My Manifestation Journal

I was meant to do a video of myself reading through my manifestation Journal, however, I fell ill this past week so I was unable to record one - so sorry!

But, from the comfort of my bed, I did take some shots of my manifestation journal which I have made into the above video and below I will explain the process and what I have included which will "narrate" the video step by step.

So this is my Manifestation journal! It's very similar to the one that I included in last month's BlissBox - the only difference is the ribbon colour!

I have made the following sections in my Manifestation Journal which I decided to focus on:

  • I AM








I use my Manifestation journal to manifest things into my life. By outlining what I want, I set my clear intentions and desires and send them up into the universe. I focus on each picture and word and allow myself to feel the emotion I want to feel when I receive it and I also visualise it too to add to the intention. In addition, I use this journal to remind myself every day of who I am and how I want to live my life which allows me to prioritise tasks and actually live by what I have wished for.


In this section, I have printed some words and pictures which connect with who I am as a person, who I want to be and where I am. I use this section to remind myself of who I am, especially on those down days where I feel anxious. I say "I am"...followed by the word on the page in turn. So, "I am beautiful", "I am at peace" etc.

*note - You can also see that I have written words and phrases onto the pages too. Your manifestation journal doesn't have to be all pretty and sparkly and perfect, it just needs to be what you need.


Within Career, I include words and pictures of the person I want to be in my career, what I do within my career, where I want to be and a few aspirations. Looking at these pages every morning reminds me of my purpose, where I want to be and allows me to prioritise my day.


In health, I put in of all the ways I want to look after my health. Physically, mentally and emotionally. This inspires to keep on top of my health every day and reminds me of the different ways I want to do this.


In this section, I include pictures of money and words which describe the way I want to be and feel with money. The amount of money I want to earn and pictures of what I want - Notice I have my Q3 in there still. Although I currently drive this car (which I manifested 3 years ago), I still include it because it's the car I want to drive always - it is literally my dream car.

Friends & Family

I have included a few words and pictures on how I want the people around me to be - such as fun, small groups. How I want to feel - loved and supported - around these people and a picture of silly faces because I love people who are unique and are themselves around me.

*note - I have also removed pictures from my book that no longer serve me. If I don't connect with it anymore, I take it out and replace it with something else as and when it appears to me.

Home Environment

I have included words and pictures of how I want my home space to be. This allows me rearrange or add items in my home which fit in with what I want. Also, it inspires me to create perfect zones in my home - I have a zone for everything - working, relaxing, sleeping, cooking. I create the perfect conditions for each activity in my chosen zone so I can feel they way I want to feel.

Fun & Leisure

In this section, I have used images which speak to me on what I want to do for fun and leisure time. It reminds me of all the activities that I want to do so I know what I want to do when I have some time spare. For example, "I lead a life full of excitement, music and dancing. I love to walk in nature and play pool (my favourite game!) and I pamper myself with a bath twice a week and with spa breaks". I literally say these words to myself and remind myself how it feels to do these things and then I do them!

Personal Growth

In this final part of my journal, I include pictures of words and things that inspire me or I connect with which represent where I want to grow. I want to educate myself more, I want to be stronger, I want to speak up and use the voice I know I have. This tells me the areas I know I need to grow and work on so I can do so.

Your manifestation journal can be used in so many different ways. As I say, I use mine to manifest but also to remind myself of the life I want which helps me to prioritise and actually make things happen to create my life. But you can use your journal however you wish. As long as it helps you to create the life you deserve, you go ahead and do you.

I hope this helps,

Shareen x

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