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February 2021 BlissBox - The Brands

BlissBox is a small female owned company who are committed to not only helping fellow women but also helping small business across the UK to prosper by selecting items and services produced by them where I can. This means that BlissBoxers will receive a range of truly unique and specially crafted gifts to enjoy knowing that thought, hard work and care has gone into the making of each item.

Lets meet the Brands in this month's BlissBox...

Warrior Apothecary UK. Our naturally caffeine free herbal tea blends are handcrafted in Wales with love using a base of native British herbs that grow wild and strong across our little island of ‘Blighty’. They grow in various environments ranging from dense woodlands, rolling valleys and sun scorched meadows to the city wasteland as they fight to grow through the concrete cracks.

I’ve chosen robust, wild weeds from this native land for their vigour and affinity with our spirit. “We are not separate from this Earth; we are a part of it, whether we fully feel it in our bodies yet or not.” ~ Sharon Blackie ~ ‘If Women Rose Rooted’

Some of my favourite rambunctious herbs were introduced to the United Kingdom by virtue of the old nomadic trade routes that criss-crossed continents exchanging wares and knowledge. The herbal remedies and exotic spices gathered from these voyages carry their journeys and origins, woven into their narratives and names. From fables of gods to folk tales of mending, they deliver not only stories but wisdom once esteemed.

Many of us have forgotten the medicine that grows from our soil and feeds our souls. It’s time to remember. With increasing strain on our natural world that is aggravated by plastics, pesticides and synthetic ingredients in our food and packaging its important for us to find safer, more natural alternatives for the health of the earth and ourselves.

At Warrior Apothecary we use biodegradable packaging made from recycled paper and source all packaging and ingredients as locally as possible. Keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum, we do our best to support a greener planet. www.warriorapothecary.co.uk

Fox and Bracken. "My name is Nannette and I live with my three children in a small village on the outskirts of Leicestershire. I established Fox and Bracken in the summer of 2020, with a view to designing gifts and keepsakes that would bring a smile to people who needed it!

I hope they also help people to communicate their feelings towards others when they are lost for words.

My designs are inspired by nature and kindness."

You can find Fox and Bracken in the following places:

Instagram: @foxandbracken

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/FoxandBracken

Rambling Weasel. Rambling Weasel ​is a small business originally dedicated to providing workshops designed to encourage as many people as possible - young and old- to experience, discover and practice a variety of traditional crafts and activities.

Designing and constructing your own toolbox, and forging the tools to fill it with, felting slippers, casting pendants, carving spoons - no one should be deterred from imaginatively and constructively engaging with the world! Spinning fleece or forging a nail may not seem relevant in an age of factories and mass produced clothing but we passionately believe that understanding the process behind how an object is created is an important step in the development of conceptual thinking for children and promotes consumer responsibility in all of us.

In the midst of the pandemic we've concentrated on providing craft kits from our online store and hope to host some free workshops adapted to the online world soon! Our website can be found at www.ramblingweasel.co.uk.

Arlo & Jude. Arlo & Jude is an exciting new children’s clothing brand which has little one’s well-being at the heart of it. Our products have been designed to help instil self-belief and increase confidence to the wearer.

The idea started a few months ago when my oldest son Olly had been feeling anxious about going somewhere new without me. I began to think of how I could help him feel more confident but in a way that wasn’t going to be obvious to everyone else. I decided to create a secret code and us that to add the word ‘brave’ to his t-shirt so that only he would know what it said.

Every time Olly puts on his ‘brave’ t-shirt, it’s almost like he is wearing an invisible cloak of confidence. He will say “I am brave” out loud, positively affirming the message to himself.

We want to continue to create products that are going to help children and young people feel confident, proud and capable of achieving anything they want to. www.arloandjude.com

As always, I hope that you enjoy this month's BlissBox and I hope that these products encourage and inspire a little indulgence in your daily life, creating little moments of beauty and joy.

On behalf of BlissBox and all of the brands featured within this month's BlissBox, I would like to say a big thank you for subscribing. When you support small businesses, you really are supporting a dream! Thank you for making our dreams a reality x

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