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Everyone's Happiness Looks Different

For anyone who needed to hear this - it's OK not to be where others think you should be within your life!

Warning...Real talk below...

I am so tired of being told who I should be and how I should live my life. I feel like we are judged on the "traditional" milestones way too much and we are made to feel guilty and ashamed if we haven't completed them by a certain age or in a particular order - or at all. I sit and I put on a film or a series and it always includes a story line about a women who has just hit 30 and she needs to find love and get married to complete her life. Or she goes into a hospital for a check up and is told by the doctor that she only has a few years to have children. It's like I can't watch anything anymore without being made to feel like I have failed at life! Speaking with some friends and family and I am reminded that I am "no spring chick" and that time is ticking by and life is too short so "just get married and have kids so you can be happy"....Really??


Thing is, people see that I am 31, I'm not married and I don't have kids and I have chosen not to buy a house and that there must be something wrong, I must be unhappy or unsatisfied. But what they don't see is that by 31 I have been able to built a good life for myself. I took myself out of toxic relationships and situations, got the help I needed and worked hard to turn my life around. I have a good career, I am fully independent and self sufficient, I have a degree and other various qualifications. I have travelled and I have the best people in my life that anyone could ask for. I live my life to the max! And although I haven't bought a house, I used the money I saved to create a beautiful business to help women self-care, teaching them everything that I have learned.

What they also don't see is that this IS what makes me HAPPY!

I spoke with my cousin a few weeks ago and he asked me 2 questions: am I OK and am I happy. And it shook me because I realised that not many people have actually asked me those questions. Why is this? Surely this is what's important? And I replied yes to both. And that was accepted. That's what a conversation should look like. - Not "you're going to die alone."

Being married, with children and having your forever home are just 3 ways to be happy in your life...There are a thousand other ways this can be achieved.


I am so proud of my achievements so far. I love my free life where I can do what I want, when I want. I love living for the small things and finding beauty and joy within every day. I love exploring the place I live and I love creating beautiful BlissBoxes for you. I love just enjoying and living my life. Being independent, free and living my life the way I want to live it is what makes living my life so amazing. So please don't tell me how to live my life and apply unnecessary pressure - I am fully aware of my body clock, I am fully aware of how old I am and I am old enough and wise enough to know what I'm doing and make my own decisions. When the time is right to get married or have children or own my own house, I'll do it but it will be done on my terms, when I want - if I want it at all. And that's OK.

Everyone has their own timelines in life. I have mine and you have yours. Please don't let others tell you what to do. It's your life. You do what makes you happy, when it makes you happy. Live your life for yourself. Do what makes sense for you. Take responsibility for your life and own your happiness. At the end of the day, it's your life, no one else has to live it but you. So make it a pleasant and enjoyable place to be - whatever that means for you.

Lots of love

Shareen x

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