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Drinks For A Wind Down

There are many great ways to wind down at the end of the day - or even during the day sometimes! You could take a nice long bath, read a light-hearted book, listen to soothing music, meditate or do some light exercise. But did you know that you could simply sip and enjoy a nice drink to relax? If you are like me, when thinking about a nice relaxing drink after a working day, my mind automatically jumps to the wine! But there are natural alternatives to alcohol to unwind and relax, I have listed a few below with their benefits:

Herbal Teas:

The obvious place to begin! There are so many great teas which promote relaxation. You have Chamomile tea, Green tea, Valerian root tea, peppermint tea, kava tea, lemongrass and ginger tea, redbush teas, lavender teas and rose teas. All of these teas have natural properties which soothe and calm the mind, perfect for unwinding in the evening.

Tea is known for it's relaxing effects and has been used for centuries as a way to unwind. In today's world, pressure and stress seems to be the norm for most so sitting back with a nice cuppa is a nice and natural way to help you relax and rejuvenate when you need it.

The relaxing properties of teas can also help you sleep too. Many of us have a hard time getting to sleep at night for various reasons - one being because we were unable to wind down properly before bed. Drinking tea, especially valerian root, chamomile and lavender teas can be great to get a good nights sleep.

Hot Milk

Another age old remedy which relaxes the body is hot milk. The calcium in milk is brilliant at aiding a restful sleep which is why many sleep experts recommend a nice warm mug of milk before bed! It reduces stress by stabilising the nerve fibres within your body, including those in the brain. If you want true relaxation, hot milk is the way to go.

You could get creative and enhance the flavour by adding honey, vanilla extract and a pinch of cinnamon if you liked. Or you could add cocoa or hot chocolate if you choose to, however, due to the sugar and caffeine content, it may counteract the relaxation you are after - but it will sure taste good!

Cherry Juice

Did you know that Cherries are naturally high in melatonin? Melatonin is the hormone that triggers sleep and regulates your internal clock. Try drinking natural cherry juice (avoid the juices which are full of sugar!) for a bit of relaxation.

Three Spirit - Nightcap

I love this drink. Made with valerian which is a great sleep aid, hull melon terpene which is known for it's fresh and fruity flavour but also it's mellowing effect and lemon balm which helps the mind to replenish as well as helping a restful sleep, it makes a tasty, natural, relaxing and calming alternative to the glass of wine. Three Spirit also have other non alcoholic drinks which have been made with natural ingredients which have a pleasant effect on the body.


And then there's water. Water is great for a whole host of things such as our survival (!) and our mental health. Water is essential to ensure that we are running at our best. Not drinking enough water can have drastic effects on our mental health and can cause anxiety, depression, lack of energy, moodiness, stress and panic attacks. Drinking water at the end of a long and stressful day could be just what you need.

I hope this helps,

Shareen x

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