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Create A Better Normal

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

We've heard the term "new normal" for the last year or so. A new normal where we are working from home and from an office. A new normal where we get everything delivered from Amazon. A new normal where Netflix plays a key role within our lives! Whatever this new normal means for you, we are all currently in a period of transition. So why stop at just "new"? Why not make a "better" normal?

If the last 2 years have taught us anything, it is the importance of mental health and self-care. Previously, we had so many distractions from our own lives. We got so lost in the everyday tasks and dramas that we didn't get a chance to look at ourselves and our lives. Then the lockdowns happened and we quite literally couldn't do anything else but face our lives and really look at ourselves in the mirror and evaluate where we were in life.

Many of us made huge changes in our lives. From having babies and buying houses to breakups and divorces. I don't think that anyone's life has actually remained the same. We have all changed in some way. Evolved.

Now is the time to embrace this time of evolution, this time of transition to include ways of self-caring and preserving your mental health into your everyday life. Now is the time to look at what we do in our everyday lives and how we can improve this for the better. How can we get more sleep? How can we be less stressed? How can we deal with everyday life better? How can we be happier? How can we add more joy into our everyday lives?

Here are some little ideas of how we can create a better normal for ourselves:

  • Add mindfulness to your day - whether this be meditation, yoga, actively bringing yourself into the present moment with mindfulness techniques or simply focussing on chosen activities.

  • Add a weekly pamper session - Add a bit of luxury to your weekly routine by having a bit of a pamper. This could be a nice long hot bath, cuddling up with a book or enjoying another form of indulgence.

  • Treat yourself - Purchase something for yourself regularly. I buy myself flowers as a two weekly treat but you can purchase something as small as your favourite chocolate bar to something fabulous like a nice pair of earrings. Whatever you choose, it has to be a treat, something that feels like extravagance to make you feel good. Something just for you.

  • Daily Affirmations - Put together a list of affirmations which make you feel empowered and beautiful and say them to yourself every day. Put them all over your home if you need to!

  • Map out your life - Take the time to decide how you want to live your life and what you want within it. Know what you want in your every day and create it for yourself.

  • Do what makes you feel good, all the time - Self-care is doing what makes you feel good all the time - find what feels good and keep on doing it.

  • Have a better wake up/wind down routine - Allowing yourself to begin your day and end your day in the right way will ensure you have better and happier days, nights and sleep. Begin your day slowly, wake up in peace, mindfully get ready and have a nice breakfast. Give yourself plenty of time. End your day by slowing down at least 2 hours before bed, dim the lights and stay away from technology.

  • Take regular breaks - Give yourself time to revive throughout the day and keep up your energy levels by taking guilt free breaks, even if they are for just 5-10 minutes - sometimes, it's all you need.

  • Spend more time in nature - Make the time to explore nature. Research shows that just 5 minutes in nature will improve your mood, reduce stress and lower your blood pressure.

  • Have fun - Make time to have fun. Doing something you enjoy with people you love the most will create endless memories and happiness within your daily life.

  • Create joy - Add something that brings you joy into your daily life. This could be an activity, listening to your favourite song, tasting delicious food or smelling a lovely flower. Whatever brings you joy, do it every day.

  • Stop thinking and start living! - Stop taking yourself and life so seriously. Relax and enjoy your life no matter what it throws at you.

I hope the above helps. Simply adding small positive changes to our lives can make all the difference and will create a better, healthier and happier you.

Shareen x

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