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Cleanse Your Social Media

Spring is not just about cleaning your home but also about cleaning your surroundings, your environment, your people and what you engage in.

Social Media can be a toxic and negative space to be in. With a mixture of keyboard warriors battling away, fake news, ads, brain numbing information and anxiety inducing posts all in one place, draining our time and energy.

The great news is, you can actually take steps to make social media a more you-friendly space to be in. Here's how:

1. Turn off notifications

2. Uninstall apps that don’t serve you (social media/news etc)

3. Remove recommendations from all sites to reduce ads and your data being stored.

4. Before sharing or believing, fact check on news to avoid spreading and accepting fake news.

5. Follow people you trust with similar interests and beliefs as you.

6. Follow people with differing opinions so you can get different perspectives on things you believe in, who share in an appropriate way.

7. Minimal use for children. Social media has shown to have detrimental effects on social development and connection with young people as well as shaming and cyber bullying, so please ensure these sites are used responsibly by your children.

8. All devices out of the bedroom at a fixed time every night to avoid continuous scrolling and troubling thoughts before bed.

9. Work out time budgets with your family - how long do you want to spend on social media and then stick to that time.

10. Don't be afraid to leave groups, block people (or minimise their appearance on your feed) to make sure that your social media suits and reflects you and the information you want to see.

Social media is a tool we use to communicate with others. I hope the steps above help you to use your social media in this way and make it a more you-friendly space.

I hope this helps.

Shareen x

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