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A smile is the best form of an introduction! ​ My name is Shareen and I am passionate about self-care. I started BlissBox in 2019, not only to raise awareness of the importance (and existence) of self-care but also to provide tools (and treats) to those who wanted (or needed) it.

My life was full of stress, anxiety and...well misery. I was always the smiley, giggly girl, happy go lucky girl who was actually really miserable inside. I would appear confident but would actually punish myself internally. I would always be tired and drained of energy. I would people please to the point where it was toxic, I would self sabotage and would literally do things to damage myself. Eventually enough was enough, I had hit my rock bottom. So I decided things needed to change...That was when I stumbled across self-care! And now I am still that smiley, giggly, happy go lucky girl but without all the rest! ​

Self-care is truly a powerful and Beautiful act towards ourselves. It can increase our self-confidence, our self respect and our everyday happiness. Once self-care starts to take root in our lives, we see it begin to change, making our lives healthier, more enjoyable and more comfortable to live in.

By simply making a few tweaks and adding in a little pleasure, we can flourish and bloom into the beautiful individuals we were meant to become. ​ I love self-care, I have literally watched myself grow and blossom and seen my life completely change since I started dedicating time, care, love and attention to myself. Which is why I created BlissBox, so I could help you grow and blossom too. ​

If you would like to read more about me and my journey, click here for my blog: https://bit.ly/3q1ttuF

Get to know more about me: https://www.yourblissbox.co.uk/post/get-to-know-me Sending you love, ​ Shareen x

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