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A Good Old Pamper

Life is stressful. Stress destroys your body. It has been linked to all sorts of illnesses and ailments from headaches, anxiety and IBS all the way up to cancer. Stress releases the hormone Cortisol within your body. Cortisol is fine in small doses, however, when it is released regularly, it will even eat away at your bone density!

We cannot stop stress. Stress happens. So how do we reduce how much Cortisol is being released within our bodies? One way is...you guessed it...Pampering!

Pampering has been shown to relax your muscles, reduce pain and your blood pressure. It improves your sleep, it boosts your mood and it is a great help for your every day concentration.

In times of stress, we should be especially kind to ourselves and be pampered! It has been proven that people who pamper themselves especially in times of difficulty have a better response to stress as they don’t get as anxious as other people. They also have less body inflammation, better immunity, and are healthier, suffering with fewer colds and headaches than people who don’t pamper and take time out for themselves.

Pampering looks different to every single one of us, it is a very individual experience. For me, it is a nice spa break or a hot foamy bath. But to others, it could be cuddling up reading a book with a nice cup of tea or getting your hair and nails done.

For this post, I have teamed up with Emani who is the owner of B&W: THE BLOG and creator of B&W: THE COLLECTION. After pursuing her true passion of skincare and self-care, she wanted to create a blog to help people.

"I always struggled with my own insecurities about my skin, so I wanted to create a safe space so that people know they are not alone. It has been like therapy for me as I’ve been able to express my true self, like I’ve never done before."

After running THE BLOG successfully for nearly a year, she wanted to learn how to formulate. She has always been interested in ingredients and has been fascinated by the science behind it all. So one day she quit the job she hated, took a leap of faith and just went for it. She did her research, she stayed focused and she trusted the journey. She wanted to create something that not only worked on the surface, but internally too. Improving both beauty and wellness. So she did! You can see Emani's B&W:THE COLLECTION here: www.thebwcollection.co.uk

I asked Emani what she does for a good old pamper:

Cooking my favourite meal.

"Now this is something that I love to do! The feeling of eating something that you created is so satisfying. Cooking can also be really therapeutic and helps you take your mind off any worries you may have."

Going for walks.

"I absolutely love going for walks to clear my head and get some fresh air. I have found this has really helped me with my mental health, just being able to be around nature and let things go, is amazing."

Doing a puzzle.

"I love doing little word searches and puzzles, I find that it helps me centre myself when I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed, it allows me to concentrate on something else and re focus my thoughts."

Taking a bath.

"Bathing is not only relaxing, but detoxing and healing for the body. I always feel so much more relaxed and stress free when I’ve had a bubble bath. It’s a great way to wash away any worries or bad vibes from the day."

Therapeutic body butters.

"Now I’m not being bias but therapeutic body butters are amazing. They give you a daily pamper as well as having so many wellness benefits. Therapeutic Body Butters can help reduce stress, anxiety, help promote feelings of being mentally balanced."

Emani says, "Pampering and treating yourself isn’t selfish, in-fact it’s an absolute necessity. It’s important to take time for yourself, enjoy some self-care and do things that make you feel more like you."

I hope this helps you,

Shareen x

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