Beauty from within

BlissBox is a self care and well being subscription and gift box for women and is available as a variety of gift BlissBoxes or a flexible rolling subscription for a regular dose of self-care.





The BlissBox is exactly that, a Box of Bliss and an experience designed to give you a break from your stressful every day life with a little help, indulgence, beauty and themes which can help you to self-care in all areas of your life. It is time for you to feel good!

Making Self-care




BlissBox is available as...

To give the gift of self-care to a loved one or to yourself!

For your regular dose of self-care

Each BlissBox includes items which...


Promotes self-care 

to help and support you to self-care and take care of your well-being

Is an activity

to help you be present and in the moment


Is a pretty treat

because every woman deserves something pretty

You can use

which you can easily implement into your every day life


Stimulates a sense

to bring a little indulgence to the mix

Themes that will make you fall in love with yourself

This year is centred around creating Beauty from Within with new self-care experiences in every BlissBox

The Sigh of Relief BlissBox

The Unplug BlissBox

The Solo Date BlissBox


Love from our BlissBoxers

Smiling Girl


You can tell a lot of thought and effort goes into the themes and packaging, well worth it x

Gift a Box full of Bliss

Show loved ones that you are thinking of them with a BlissBox


Individual BlissBox for a Beautiful surprise

The gift that keeps on giving

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Feel Beautiful from within with BlissBox