Fed Up...


Over Run...


Over Committed...

Low Energy...

Sound Familiar?

Need a change?

Enter BlissBox...


BlissBox is a self care and well being subscription and gift box for women and is available as an individual box or flexible rolling subscriptions. The BlissBox is exactly that, a Box of Bliss and an experience designed to give you a break from your stressful every day life with a little indulgence, luxury and beauty. It is time for you to feel good!

Why BlissBox?

Almost half (48%) of us are stressed at least once a week. Self Care is becoming more and more important as these numbers show no signs of slowing down. Self Care means looking after you, your mental and physical wellbeing and ensuring that you are taking your own self preservation into consideration. BlissBoxes are the perfect surprise with a great balance of items and advice which promote Self Care and easy to implement into your every day life as well as spoiling you with some much needed treats to make it a pleasurable and luxurious experience. I love creating something beautiful to make your week a little easier.

Inside BlissBox?

Each BlissBox follows a theme of the month and includes 5 individual gifts (or 3 gifts for the BlissBox Moment) alongside a well researched wellness tip and a positive quotation. I source items from small, passionate UK businesses who provide unique, good quality products which promote wellness and help you to self-care as well as researching the best advice and tips around for BlissBoxers.

Each BlissBox will look to include:


An activity

to help you be present and in the moment

An item you can use

which you can actually implement into your every day life

An item which promotes self-care and well-being

to help and support you to self-care

A pretty treat

because every woman deserves something pretty

A product which stimulates a sense

to bring a little indulgence to the mix

Each BlissBox will be packaged with love, tissue paper, dried petals, twine and a fresh flower for you or a loved one to enjoy.

Who is BlissBox?

Hello, my name is Shareen, I am the sole owner of BlissBox. I started BlissBox with the mission in mind to bring awareness to the importance of self-care and to help and support women to include self-care within their everyday life to boost happiness.

I have been on my own self-care journey over the past few years, after a difficult time in my life and as there was little guidance and know how at the time on how to actually practise self-care, I decided to do my own research and practise different forms self-care to see what made a difference to me and my life and what didn't.

Along the way, I got to know small UK businesses (main suppliers for my boxes) which made the most self-care beautiful items, I read great books and researched some good advice. After I saw what a difference it made to my life and how much happier and in control I felt, I wanted to share this information with other women out there who were looking to do the same but did not know how.

Understanding the significance of self-care, I wanted to create a subscription box to not only help and support women in their self-care journeys by providing advice and items which encourage different forms of self-care but also something that was relevant, beautiful, appealing and easy to add into daily lives.

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